Speight’s SUMMIT NPD Launch Support


Lion is New Zealand’s largest alcoholic beverage producer and distributor, and Speight’s is the largest beer brand family in New Zealand. They have achieved this by brewing high quality beers, appealing new product offerings and living true to a brand that Kiwis love.

Speight’s was looking for a new variant offering and the insight was kiwi guys were looking to live a more balanced, healthy life, however they felt that beer didn’t fit with this. Ultimately, they wanted to enjoy great-tasting beer but without compromising on their wellness.

In a quest to optimise their lives every day, people are working harder, exercising more and all-round fitting more in, Lion launched Speight’s Summit Ultra Low Carb beer as a direct response to this insight and customer trend. The product boasted 75% less carbs but balanced with a full flavor palette.

“Ultra allows a reward after a hard day’s work and exercise, without the guilt.”

Speights Summit Promotional Apparel
Speights Summit Promotional Apparel tops jackets

The Brief

Lion came to AMS to deliver an in-market launch campaign that would compliment the insight and the product offering’s point of difference.

Primary goals with this project were to develop a range of promotional products to achieve high volume trial & awareness in-store, both on and off-premise, ensuring people stop and try the product.

Secondary goals included delivering a promotional product range that was new and refreshing for the liquor industry. Additionally it was important to remain congruent with the over-arching campaign of health & wellness, whilst maintaining a price that generated positive ROI.

The Solution

AMS developed, created and delivered an active wear range, specific to Speight’s Ultra.

This on-brand active wear range had many nuances including high quality material with a modern look and feel. Desirable active wear is a first for liquor promotions, especially tied to a brand of traditional brewing values and while the range was of high quality, the sourcing and manufacturing relationships we have at AMS ensured that we came under budget for positive campaign ROI.

Speights Summit Promotional Apparel backpack

With our Speights summit activation it was imperative that our promotional products had all the attributes to appeal to a consumer motivated by activity, health and wellbeing.

AMS with its strong history in apparel manufacturing was able to deliver a product with the level of performance functionality and quality associated with the leisure industry.

AMS design team complemented this with contemporary and relevant styles ensuring appeal to the target consumer. Ultimately we were able to activate market activity with new and refreshing promotional product for our industry. 

Fiona Hyde Procurement Leader, Lion


Partnering with Lion’s amazing Activation team, the active wear range was a great support item to the extremely successful launch of Speights Summit Ultra. The brand was embraced by and quickly gained their goal of category market share.

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Speight’s Summit